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Norfolk Consulting Group is a leading global business and technology consulting services firm, providing application development, application management and system integration services for numerous industries across the globe. We design, build, implement, integrate, support and manage both tactical and strategic solutions with cutting edge technology.

We develop and deliver applications that will help you leap ahead of your competition. Leveraging our world class talent, enhanced technologies and mature methodologies, we can develop applications that enable you to reach greater efficiency and significant cost reduction. We work with our clients to know their specific requirements and create strategies to produce the best possible application for them. Our technology driven business solutions will become crucial in building your business and reaching new clients for your organization.

Achieving highest performance and return on your IT investment is essential to support your organization’s strategy and enable you to do more for your customers. Achieving this, while budgets reduce year on year, is a critical challenge. Through our integrated off-shore & on-shore delivery capability, we accelerate systems deployment, achieving substantial productivity improvements and providing clients with seamless access to the technical skills from legacy to leading edge.

The costs savings generated are in our unique execution process directly benefit our client's. We help clients to create systems, harness technology to introduce new services and opportunity to the market place. We offer a complete spectrum of venturing and partnership models designed to enable effective sharing of risk and reward in an open and highly commercial culture.

Working in partnership with Norfolk gives organizations flexible, seamless access to skills and knowledge. Our approach will deliver an agile IT function, creating a platform for growth that releases your resources to focus on delivering more for your customer.

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